Yajia Motor has a team with strong professional knowledge and development capabilities in the field of motor design and application, with 15 existing R&D engineers. We use modern computer-aided design tools (CAD) and product data management tools (PDM) Fully communicate with customers, understand their specific requirements for product characteristics, reliability, environment, cost, packaging, transportation, sample production and mass production, and efficiently and quickly design to meet or exceed customers

We deeply understanding, only constant innovation and development, to meet the different needs of customers is growing, we are always dedicated to improve relevant skills, technology, process and related equipment, and the introduction of sophisticated manufacturing equipment, so that we in the product development speed, the rationality of the reliability of the product, the product cost in many aspects, such as lead in the industry.


Company—— The strong technical research and development strength is the foundation of the development of Aga motor

Date of Establishment: 15 years (founded in 2004)
Capacity: 1.2 million units per month
Number of employees: 520
R&d technical staff: 15 engineers and technicians
Factory area: 12,000 square meters
Assembly lines: nine
Turnover: $60 million (2018)


Manufacture—— High efficiency and flexibility is the biggest characteristic of Aga motor manufacturing

We focus on each motor manufacturing, prudent and careful attitude, and can cooperate with advanced machinery and equipment, according to the international standards to establish the management system of information management tools and flexible production mode, management and production, so the motor can combine design and production, to produce high performance, high quality, low cost, fast delivery of the products, and comprehensive to meet customer demand.

Quality Control

Quality Control—— The manufacture quality first - class motor is the life of Aga motor

Process inspection: quality is visible, process is the key. We believe that quality brings infinite value and respect. We strive for excellence and are meticulous. We control every link and step of the manufacturing process to ensure the quality of products.

Quality assurance: We carry out random sampling inspection in strict accordance with THE US Military inspection standard MIL-STD-105E for each shipment to ensure that our products can fully meet customer requirements.